Lotus Elise S2 111R

The Lotus Elise is a two seat, rear-wheel drive, mid-engined roadster conceived in early 1994 and released in September 1996 by the English manufacturer Lotus Cars. The car has a hand-finished fibreglass body shell atop its bonded extruded aluminium chassis that provides a rigid platform for the suspension, while keeping weight and production costs to a minimum. The roadster is capable of speeds up to 240 km/h (150 mph). The Elise was named after Elisa, the granddaughter of Romano Artioli who was chairman of Lotus at the time of the car's launch.


Top Speed (mph)BHPEngine Size0-60 TimeDrivePrice
150mph 189 1.8l 4.9sec Rear wheel £42,000


Lotus Exige 350

This is one of the fastest cars Lotus has ever made and Experience Megastore has secured this beautiful example.

As soon as you see this car alongside the other powerful cars on the fleet you will see it is very much in the supercar class but also very raw and very much a real driver's car, as all Lotus cars are.


Top Speed (mph) BHP Engine Size 0-60 Time Drive Price
170mph 345 3.5l V6 3.7sec Rear wheel £64,000


Lotus Evora

With its stunning visual impact, exhilarating all-round dynamic performance, innovative chassis technology and high levels of luxury, packaging and convenience, the Evora heralds an exciting new era for Lotus.

The first all-new Lotus since the iconic Elise made its debut in 1995, The Evora enters the sports car market as currently the world's only mid-engined 2+2. Powered by a Lotus-tuned 3.5-litre V6 engine producing 280 PS, and weighing just 1350 kg (prototype specification), the Evora promises breathtaking performance. During preliminary testing around the famous Nurburgring, the Lotus chassis engineers report that it is extremely agile and great fun to drive - even when clad with the full development disguise that hid the beautiful lines from the prying motor-industry paparazzi.


Top Speed (mph) BHP Engine Size 0-60 Time Drive Price
186.4mph 395 3.5l V6 4.2sec Rear wheel £72,000


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